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Diva Hair Design: Know the different balayage hairstyles

Diva Hair Design: Know the different balayage hairstyles

Your hairstyle can make or break your entire look. This is one of the first things that could create a good or bad impression when people see you. It can make you appear more vibrant if you have flowy and bouncy hair, as compared to a dull one. 

Avoid any bad hair days when you visit Diva Hair Design. If you want to do something different, we highly suggest you have it coloured. There are many ways that you can design it such as the balayage hairstyle.

Balayage comes from the French word ‘balayer’ which means to sweep. This is a technique where colour is applied to your hair which results in a natural-looking highlight effect. It is less stripy as compared to the usual highlights but has the same gorgeous and vibrant tone. 

We’ve listed a variety of balayage hairstyle ideas that can inspire you to get that new look. 

Long waves with warm caramel balayage 

Get a simple yet sophisticated look by trying out these long waves with a warm caramel balayage hairstyle. With that long hair, tumbling curls and caramel toned highlights, it can emphasize your facial features with a natural yet timeless feel. 

You can add a variety of V-cut layers to your hair to add more movement in the locks and to show the warm undertones flowing throughout. 

Soft cool-toned ash brown balayage

If you want something subtly different from your usual look, you can try this soft cool-toned ash brown balayage hairstyle. What makes the balayage so great is that it works with every kind of hair colour. 

You simply have to pick the hue that complements your natural locks the most, and whichever suits the mood you are going for. The ash brown tone is more subdued and understated but it can still brighten up your look. 

Medium Hair and multi-coloured balayage

Trimming your hair to medium-length and having it coloured with many vibrant hues is a great new look that would make many heads turn. The balayage technique makes it easier to blend many different shades without one having to overpower the other. 

It can leave you in awe with the bright blends into your hair with a wavy look masterpiece that you would want to flaunt. 

Shaggy lob with partial balayage

The shaggy lob is also referred to as a shaggy hairstyle with a long bob cut. You can match this look by applying luscious honey hues to your hair which can make it appear like your natural hair colour. It is a beautiful blend of colours that is fit for a chic outfit and is easy to maintain. 

Silver grey balayage ombre hair 

If you want to do something outside of your comfort zone, you can try the silver-grey balayage ombre-inspired hairstyle. This is suitable for those who have brunette hair but want to add a little spice to your look. 

There is a high contrast between the two colours but they can blend perfectly with the help of Diva Hair Design.

The best Diva Hair Salon picks for two-tone colours

The best Diva Hair Salon picks for two-tone colours

Are you looking for hairstyles to spice up your overall look? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here at Diva Hair Designs, we have various hairstyles for you to choose from. Just speak to one of our stylists so that you can plan out what to do with your luscious locks. 

It’s hard to think of hairstyle ideas that can truly capture your personality and lifestyle. However, this shouldn’t hinder your creativity in expressing yourself to the fullest. One way to tap into your inner artistry is by experimenting with two-tone hairstyles. 

Check out the two-tone hairstyles you can have when you book an appointment at Diva Hair Salon!

Two-tone hairstyles to choose from

Nothing can be bolder than a two-tone hairstyle with contrasting colours. Be as loud as you can and choose from the following styles below and get your favourite Diva hairstylist to do your hair for you!

  1. Peek-a-boo Fuschia hair streaks

Loud highlights are what’s new in the hair industry! It’s an added pop of colour over your natural hair and gives you an edgy style that can boost your confidence and self-esteem. This style should look like it’s peeking or hiding throughout your hair, perfectly blending on your locks while creating a lot of movement and dimensions.

  1. Caramel highlights

This hairstyle is gaining popularity among celebrities and influencers on social media. Having your hair styled with caramel highlights can brighten your face and boost your overall look. 

  1. Ombre balayage

Do you want to add dimensions to your already thick hair? An ombre balayage is the perfect choice for rich volumized hair because it accentuates its dimensions a step further. It makes your hair look more alive and alluring. Add movement and layers to your hair by applying two-tone balayage colours. It’s a rule-breaking hairstyle that can help you express yourself even further!

  1. Black and red combo

Channel your inner rockstar with a black and red hair colour that would definitely contrast with your personality. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to make an edgy fashion statement. This hairstyle is a definite head-turner that would catch people’s attention when you walk with crowds. 

  1. Platinum blonde with loud highlights

Surprise your friends, families, and colleagues when you sport platinum blonde hair with loud highlights! It’s a bold choice for people who want to channel their edgier personality into their hairstyles. Choose a loud and striking colour so it can perfectly contrast with the blonde base. Often, loud colours such as red, purple, blue, pink, and green are perfect with this hairstyle. 

  1. Birthstone balayage

Tell the world about yourself by sporting a birthstone balayage hair colour! Not only does it look good on black or blonde base hair colours, but it also gives your hair an edgy look that can boost your style a step further. Additionally, sporting a colour matching your birthstone is a bold personal choice in creatively expressing yourself. Be proud of who you are by sporting this hairstyle!

Revamp your hairstyle this 2021 at Diva Hair Design!

Revamp your hairstyle this 2021 at Diva Hair Design!

Revamp your hairstyle this 2021 at Diva Hair Design!

The new year can bring about changes in a person’s life whether personal or work-related. Celebrate your year by updating your hairstyle into something that will fit your goals for the year! 

Have you decided on what your hairstyle is going to be this year? Book an appointment with us at Diva Hair Design and talk with our stylists about the newest hairstyles that are in fashion this 2021! If you’re still mulling it over, then this article is for you. Check out the latest trends for chic hairstyles below and pick one that will suit you. 

Latest 2021 trendy hairstyles

Channel your inner diva with amazing hairstyles ranging from the classics to edgy and experimental looks this year. You deserve only the best service so check out these great options and ask your favourite stylist to do this for you at our beauty salon. 

Classic haircuts for women

Do you want to keep your hair classy and timeless? These proven and tested hairstyles that stood the test of time might be the perfect choice for you. Check out these haircuts and talk with our stylists about it on your next appointment.

Here are the classic haircuts you can request at our salon: 

Classic pixie

Bold enough to sport a short hairstyle this year? A classic pixie cut is a great way to channel a chic and classy look into your life. This timeless yet bold choice is perfect for women with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. Pull this off and channel a strong independent woman attitude as you strut the streets. 

Bob cut

Minimal to almost no layered cuts on your hair that flow only above the shoulders characterize the classic bob cut. This timeless haircut that blew everyone’s mind in the 20th century remains one of the most popular haircuts of the present time. The simple yet elegant look can complement any wardrobe choices. Moreover, your hair is more manageable and easier to maintain when you sport a classic bob cut. 

Side-swept bangs

Bring back the ‘90s and early 2000s aesthetics in 2021 with stylish side-swept bangs that can work with any length of hair! This stylish hairstyle choice can bring out the fun in you and make your personality blossom. 

Channel Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods with the perfect side-swept bangs and overflowing confidence that’ll rock your world. Get this look on your next visit to Diva Hair Design.

Layered Crop

Nothing says modern woman better than a layered crop made famous by Jane Fonda in the ’80s. Breeze through your work and responsibilities with stylish and volumized hair made possible by this hairstyle and some hairspray or styling gel on hand. It’s a bold yet practical choice for the working girl because it’s very low maintenance compared to other hairstyles on this list. 

Shaggy layered cut

Considered as of the most versatile haircuts for women, this style suits any face shape, hair texture and length. It’s a go-to hairstyle for well-known celebrities such as Stevie Nicks, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Anniston. With this haircut, you can style your hair any way you want. Whether you like a centre part and bangs or an ultra layered cut, this hairstyle is the chic way to go!

Blunt bob

Devoid of any layered cuts, the blunt bob frames women’s faces perfectly. It isn’t as complicated as a layered crop or a shaggy cut which can make your natural beauty stand out. Even though it’s a style that’s fairly new to the beauty industry, this cut will surely rise to the top of classic hairstyles for powerful women. It gives you a sleek and classic look without making too much fuss. 

Full bangs

Whatever your preferred hair length and texture, sporting full bangs can complete your look! It’s the best way for women to look charming and chic every day. Perfectly cut full bangs whether it’s thick or blunt on the edges can frame your face and make it look small. It’s one of the classic looks that’ll withstand the test of time and still be trendy in the years to come. 

Natural curls

For naturally curly-haired women, it’s time to break free from societal standards of sleek straight hair! Embrace the curls and let it run wild on your head for that edgy and striking look. Switch things up a bit and let it grow, or cut it into layers for maximum volume. 

Classic haircuts for men

Give yourself a makeover that will make people swoon when they see you. Getting a classic haircut suited for the modern man is a great way to start your year to boost your confidence. Our stylists are equipped with the latest cutting edge equipment that’ll improve your hairstyle. 

Here are some of the classic haircuts you can request at our salon:

French crop

If you are looking for low maintenance hairstyles, then this is the perfect choice for you. This hairstyle is quite simple and easy to style using your favourite hair gel. It’s also a cut that men with thinning and receding hairlines often choose because there’s a lengthy fringe on top that can cover any patches.


A buzzcut is a timeless hairstyle that can make any square-jawed man look elegant and strong. Although this cut fits limited face shapes in men, pulling this off can help boost your confidence and uplift your spirits. Some barbers have techniques to make this hairstyle work for more rounded and oval-shaped heads. 

Even if this haircut looks simple, there are different variations of this style depending on the barber. They take into consideration your personality, style, and day-to-day activities to make the haircut work for you and fit you perfectly. 

Slick back hairstyle

One of the timeless classics that was popularized in the 1920s, the slick back hairstyle can make any man look dashing and cool. The men during this era loved styling their hair into this sleek look because it doesn’t get easily ruined even after wearing a hat all day. 

Now that we’re in the 21st century and men don’t often wear fedoras anymore, the cut is adapted to modern times. Before, this style is often sported by businessmen clad in chic suits, but nowadays it can also go perfectly with a more casual ensemble.

Although it’s easier to maintain this cut for those with straight hair, men with natural curls can achieve this look by using hairspray and strong gel. 

Side parting

Another classic haircut for men, the side parting rose to popularity in the early 1920s up to the 1940s. It also made a comeback during the ‘60s especially for men working in an office setting. 

Unlike the slick back, this hairstyle can fit any hair types and face shapes. This look can help frame your face to look sleek and edgy. 

Shoulder length hair

Let your hair grow up to your shoulders and get your stylist to layer it for you to achieve the shoulder-length look. It’s a sleek and refined style that has been in fashion for years. This classic look is perfect both for a smart-casual wardrobe and a laid-back look. 

This haircut is best when you let your hair fall naturally on your shoulders. Hair products such as hairspray and gel aren’t needed when styling this.  Although it looks sleek, it is high maintenance because you’ll be needing a good shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair in tip-top shape. 

Hi-top fade

The hi-top fade is becoming more and more popular with millennials today because of it’s casual and volumized look. It’s a crowd favourite in barbershops and salons because Will Smith made it popular back in the ‘90s when the first episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air graced the TV sets. 

Now that these kids grew and turned into fine young men, this haircut can give them a nostalgic trip back to the ‘90s. Moreover, it’s a classic look that’ll boost a man’s confidence to face the world. 

Funky hair colours

Are you willing to venture into bolder and funkier hairstyles this 2021? Look no further from these hair colours you can try to make your overall look fresher and livelier! Step out of your comfort zone and try these bold colours that will take your personal style to the next level.

Temporary hair colour

If this is your first time in trying bold colours, then it’s best to test the waters with temporary hair colours that can quickly fade away after a few days. It’s a healthier alternative to bleaching your hair since you don’t have to put harsh chemicals all over your hair to achieve the colour you want. 


For those who are bold enough to try bleach, take it to the next level and try an ash blonde look. This bold and classic hair colour can give your face a healthy glow and it’ll look good in any of your wardrobe choices.

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