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Diva Hair Design: Best ways to care for your hair

Diva Hair Design: Best ways to care for your hair

Be a more knowledgeable person when you find out the best ways to care for your hair here at Diva Hair Design. Read this article now. The best ways to care for your hair are the following:

1. The best ways to care for your hair is to condition your hair. If you don’t have a conditioner, make sure you use a conditioner that is for your hair type. The conditioner will help to moisturize your hair and help it look shinier.

2. The best ways to care for your hair is to use a leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner will help your hair stay in place. It is great to use a leave-in conditioner because it will help to condition your hair while you are in the shower.

3. The best ways to care for your hair is to use a shampoo. The shampoo will clean your hair and will help to make it feel clean.

4. The best ways to care for your hair is to use a moisturizer. The moisturizer will help to moisturize your hair and make it look shinier.

5. The best ways to care for your hair is to use a heat protector. The heat protector will help to protect your hair from getting too hot.

6. The best ways to care for your hair is to use a hair mask. The hair mask will help to moisturize your hair and help it to look shinier.

You must be willing to make a commitment to your hair. If you’re going to invest your time and money in taking care of your hair, you must be willing to invest in your hair. Take time to learn what you can do to care for your hair, and you’ll find that it’s well worth the effort.

Cleaning Your Hair

Your hair should be washed regularly, but if you’re washing it too often, it can damage it. When you wash your hair, don’t wash it too much. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day.

If you have an over-the-counter shampoo that has a high pH, don’t use it on your hair. This can dry your hair out. If you must use a high pH shampoo, use it in the shower and rinse it off as soon as you’re done.

Caring for Your Hair

You can keep your hair looking good by using the right products. You need to be sure that you’re using products that are suitable for your hair. It’s important to know what kind of products work well with your hair type.

Best equipment for hair styling

Best equipment for hair styling

Have the best hair in the world when you find out the best equipment for hair styling to take care of it here when you read it at Diva Hair Design. The best equipment for styling hair with description that you need to know are the following:

1. Professional Hair Dryer

The best hair dryer is the one that you can use in your everyday life, and this is why the best hair dryer you need is the one that is small, portable and easy to use.

You can also use this dryer for other purposes, for example, for dry cleaning clothes.

You can also use it to dry your hair and dry up the rest of your clothes.

The best hair dryer you can use is the one that has two settings, and the best one is the one that has the three settings.

2. Professional Hair Brush

The best hair brush is the one that is small, portable and easy to use.

It can be used for both your hair and your face.

The best hair brush that you can use is the one that has the two settings, and the best hair brush you can use is the one that has the three settings.

3. Professional Hair Scissors

The best hair scissors are the ones that are small, portable and easy to use.

You can use them for both your hair and your face.

What is the best hair dryer for men?

A hair dryer is a very important piece of equipment to have in your hair styling kit. It is a good idea to have one for both men and women.

There are a few different types of hair dryers for men, but they all do the same job. The main difference is the size and shape. There are different sizes of hair dryers for men. The most common is the straight hair dryer. It is also known as a round barrel hair dryer. The straight hair dryer is the most popular type of hair dryer for men because it is the most versatile. It can be used on wet or dry hair.

How to use the straight hair dryer?

Use the straight hair dryer to dry your hair. The hair dryer should be turned on to its highest setting. It should also be held at a 45 degree angle. The hair dryer should be moved over your head from the back of your head to the front of your head.

When you have finished drying your hair, turn off the hair dryer and remove it from your head.

How to use the straight hair dryer?

Use the straight hair dryer to dry your hair.

Natural health solutions for your hair

Natural health solutions for your hair

Have the best hair in the world when you find out the best natural solutions to take care of it here when you read it at Diva Hair Design. The top natural hair solutions that you need to know are the following:

#1: Natural Dandruff Treatments There are many products on the market that will be effective in removing the dandruff from your hair and the first one that should come to mind is the Neutrogena Deep Clean shampoo. It is a very safe shampoo that is formulated for sensitive scalps, and if you do not have an allergic reaction to it then you can expect to see some results. There are different types of shampoos for natural hair available on the market, so you will want to look through them all before choosing one. In addition, there are many other shampoos on the market that are effective, and you should be able to find one that works for you. You should check out the labels on them as well. The label will tell you what is in the product, so you can make sure that it is not harmful to your scalp. #2: Natural Hair Products There are many products that are available on the market that are made especially for natural hair. Some of these products contain ingredients that are known to cause irritation or even damage to your scalp. The best way to determine which products you want to use is by reading the labels on them.

• Hair oils

• Natural hair care products

• Hair masks

• Henna

• Hair color

Divas Natural Solutions for a Beautiful Head of Hair are the Best You Need to Know Here!

What makes the best natural hair solutions for your head of hair? How can they be used to make your head of hair have the best quality hair? Read on and get the answers.

These are some of the best natural hair solutions for your head of hair:

Hair oils

Your head of hair needs to be taken care of with a healthy diet, but this is not the only thing that makes it better. It also needs the best natural hair solutions that can make it look beautiful.

You can try various types of hair oils on your head of hair. They give it a nice feel and can help it become healthy again. When you use these oils, you will see them become soft and shiny within a couple of weeks.

You will find various brands of hair oils in the market. These oils are made from organic vegetable and fruit extracts and are good for your head of hair.

How to solve dry hair

How to solve dry hair

Diva Hair Design: How to solve dry hair

Your hair is the first thing that people often see when they notice your presence. That’s why many people give it their utmost attention and effort to have the best hair to make a good impression.

However, there are times when you might have experienced some hair problems like it being too dry or looking too dull. If you suffer from any of these signs, we got the best solutions for you. Have a great hair day with the help of Diva Hair Design!

Major causes of dry hair

Dry hair occurs when your scalp doesn’t have enough oil to moisturize your hair, making it look less shiny and more frizzy. This is often caused by the following factors:

  • Dry scalp
  • Age
  • Environmental conditions
  • Lack of protection
  • Washing your hair too often
  • Using a harsh shampoo
  • Harsh chemicals

Easy remedies for dry hair

To solve your dry hair problems, here are some things you can do:

Get a trim

Getting a new haircut can remove all the ends that hamper fresh hair growth. It also removes any unhealthy parts of your hair, giving it a more fresh feel.

Take some vitamins

Vitamins are essential in everyday life, particularly for your hair. The most important minerals and vitamins that your hair and nails need are the following:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Biotin
  • Iron

Eat healthier

Staying fit and eating healthy food is great for your hair. It’s best if you add more omega-3s and antioxidants to your diet. By consuming seafood like salmon and tuna, your hair will get back its shiny appearance and look better than ever. Other options that you can also consider are the following:

  • Walnuts
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes

Refrain from washing your hair every day

Most people make the mistake of washing their hair every single day. Although shampoos remove dirt and sweat from your hair, it also gets rid of the sebum in it. Sebum is the natural oil that helps your hair become easier to maintain and makes it shinier to look at. 

However, it’s important to keep note that too much sebum leads to a greasy hair appearance. Hence, remember to strike a balance of both to achieve that perfect glow of your hair.

Wrap your hair instead of letting it air dry

To avoid getting brittle and dry hair, wrap your hair with a cloth or towel after you wash it. Instead of letting it air dry, it’s better to keep your hair covered and protected from your external surroundings.

Try natural oils

Argan oils are famous home remedies for dry hair. A few drops of it can give your hair a more supple appearance. Another option is coconut oil which is great for improving the overall look of your hair.

Best volumising products for fine and thin hair

Best volumising products for fine and thin hair

Not everyone is born with bouncy hair that screams volumes. If anything, some people are given flat, fine and thin hair that’s hard to style. Most people who have fine hair suffer from bald spots, split ends and even greasy hair since there isn’t much to absorb the scalp’s natural oils. But despite all the bad things about it, this is actually salvageable and there are solutions to this.

There are tons of hair products that aid fine hair to volumising shampoos, conditioners, sprays, treatments and so on! This means you don’t have to deal with fine hair for the rest of your life and can improve your hairdos with the right products! So if you’re interested in adding some life into your hair, Diva Hair Design has listed down great volumising products for fine and thin hair down below:

  1. Sunday II Sunday Root Refresh Micellar Rinse

If you can’t seem to get enough volume no matter how often you shampoo, you could be dealing with build-up. Film of product residue and oil that clings to the strands of your hair can weigh them down. This micellar spray contains apple cider vinegar to dissolve and break away buildup between wash days without damaging your hair.

  1. AZ Craft Luxury Haircare Intense Volume Mist

This must contain a volumising formula that stiffens your hair at the same time keeping it flowy and flexible. This will make your hair feel thicker and bouncier until your next wash. All you have to do is apply it section by section when your hair is still damp and mist through the roots. While it’s under the drying process, you can style it however you like and for better results use your hot tools.

  1. Verb Volume Texture Powder

This product can guarantee you volume with just a couple of puffs! This contains silica that can make your hair appear thicker and fuller. All you have to do is apply it section by section and puff the product on your roots. Double apply it on areas you want more volume then massage it on your scalp. After a couple of minutes, you’ll start to see the results!

  1. Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo

Most people have a misconception that oil-based shampoos can potentially weigh down your hair and even cause it to appear greasier but that isn’t the case at all. This product is a sulfate-free shampoo that contains argan oil and glycerin that is formulated to be lightweight and moisturising. This can potentially make your hair look and feel more volumised without it greasing up or weighing down!

  1. Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

If you’re skimming through the list for a vegan product, this might be it for you! This shampoo gets its nutrients from plants which are called phytoactive that helps make your hair look and feel thicker and fuller. Constant use of this product will make you see results in no time and is great paired with other hair volumising products!

How often should you wash your hair

How often should you wash your hair

Diva Hair Design: How often should you wash your hair?

Hair maintenance is something that everyone should do every day. There are many ways to maintain your hair, and one of those is washing it. Obviously, it is recommended to at least apply shampoo and conditioner to achieve silky smooth locks. But do you really need to wash your hair every day? 

The experts at Diva Hair Design explain what you should do when washing your hair, and the proper methods to keep it healthy and rich in color and texture.

What are shampoos for? 

Shampoos are made to clean your hair and wash all the oil and dirt away. Applying shampoo everyday gives you consistent clean hair but at the cost of making it too dry. When your hair becomes too dry, you risk breakage that can cause you a lot of problems like split hair and hair fall.

Oil and dirt on your hair is quite natural. Letting them stay for a few days can give your hair volume and life that can make your overall look much more natural. Most shampoos will take that away, and you end up with fuzzy and dry hair instead. But shampoos don’t necessarily make your hair dry the moment you put some on. It’s only when you use shampoo every day that gives your hair the undesired dryness that most people may not like. 

How often should you shampoo your hair?

The experts at Diva Hair Design recommend shampooing at least twice a week, with 2-3 days apart for each day that you use shampoo. This is to naturally build oil on your hair before it becomes too oily and dirty. 

It is also recommended taking your time in the shower when using shampoo to relax and nurture your hair in places that are otherwise unreachable if you apply too quickly. There are many brands of shampoo out there that provide special features for specific types of hair, so choose one that is best suited for yours. 

A message from Diva Hair Design

As experienced experts in hair treatment and maintenance, Diva Hair Design is here to give you the best advice in keeping your hair in its best shape. Your hair is the most important part of your look because people recognize it immediately. Therefore, it’s a must to maintain a healthy routine that will make your hair rich in nutrients and maintain its style. 

For hair types that are too sensitive to outside threats and humid temperatures, it is recommended to use shampoo every day. The recommendations above are for hair types that aren’t susceptible to oil and dirt for a short period of time. 

Many people with thin hair might have difficulty not washing their hair for a few days, so knowing your hair type is crucial in not making mistakes that can damage your hair even further. So, now that you know the secrets of shampooing, it’s time to change your routine and have better hair. 

16 hair trends that will never go out of style

16 hair trends that will never go out of style

Diva Hair Design: 16 hair trends that will never go out of style

You may need a breath of fresh hair if you can’t seem to keep your hair out of a ponytail or bun. Lucky for you, there’s a Diva-approved list of hair designs that you can look into for inspiration. 

Call in for an appointment with your regular Diva hair stylist so she can help you choose from these 21 hair trends that will never go out of style: 

1. Alice band bleach

This is a growing popular colour trend with hair bands framing the face in bold deep sections and bold daring colour contrasts. You can use everything from beautiful clean blondes, to pretty pastels, to bold hues to suit the mood.

2. Soft balayage

This is an easily managed mid-length and layered hairstyle with soft natural colours.

3. The big chop

This hairstyle is big on the dramatic and shorter cut with fringes.

4. Toffee tones

This will work on any length with toffee and caramel tones and highlights.

5. Air-dried hair

Air-dried textures are more about embracing your natural waves and curls and hair with much more personality and character.

6. Red hot

Both soft coppers and reds were influenced by pre-Raphaelite soft tones. It’s all down to the consultation with your colourist so it matches your skin tone and looks super flattering.

7. The modern mullet

These shag haircuts are layered, giving you a slightly rock and roll look.

8. Homely headscarves

This is the kind of hair that you can wear at home with your house jumper. The style is not overly complicated with braids loosely done so little bits fall out and the look is lovely and soft.

9. Mermaid hair

This is an extra-long fantasy hair with tapes, bond extensions and mermaid hair colour.

10. Giant crimping

This hairstyle is not a throwback from the 70s, this is more like a giant crimper that gives a scrunched tight beach wave that looks like you had your hair in plaits.

11. Effortless bob

This undone bob hairstyle is an easily maintained cut that is super chic, relaxed and looks effortless.

12. Bubblegum pink

One of the most popular shades of brighter pink because it’s flattering on everyone.

13. Bold colour

This includes hair colours that have stronger looks with more definition and contrast that will easily stand out.

14. Bigger is better

This is a hairstyle that’s easy to manage on the go and complements any fashion.

15. Androgynous side parts

This hairstyle has clean side partings and is styled in place using a bristle brush and hair spray to keep the hair smooth.

16. 40s waves

This hairstyle recreates the classic 40s wave with a big front section curl but the rest of the hair just flows naturally.

Diva Hair Design: How to care for bleached hair

Diva Hair Design: How to care for bleached hair

Bleaching has become the newest trend in this day and age. Gone are the days wherein people were too conscious of sporting loud and bold colours such as pink, blue, green, and purple. It’s become a way for people to express their individual identity and creativity. Even at workplaces, it’s becoming normal to sport an exotic colour. 

Get your hair bleached at Diva Hair Design salon! There are many colours to choose from if you’re bold enough to try. Rest assured that our highly skilled and talented hairstylists can help you figure out what style and colour you’d want for your newly bleached hair. 

Bleached hair maintenance

It’s fun to have bleached hair because you can play with as many colours as you want. You can even take it up a notch by sporting a rainbow-coloured look that’s bound to make a few heads turn when you strut down the streets. 

However, taking care of bleached hair comes with great responsibility. Here are some of the tips that you need to know on maintaining this hairstyle: 

  1. Minimize washing your hair

The process of bleaching can severely damage your hair because the chemicals used leaves hair cuticle layers open and weakened. This leaves you with hair that’s dry and frizzy when not properly maintained. 

Washing your hair every day with a harsh shampoo is the fastest way for your colour to fade. You’ll also strip away the moisture and essential nutrients from your hair when regularly washing it. For you to avoid further damages to your hair, wash it every three to four days. This can help your hair breathe and recover from the damaging effects of shampooing every day. 

  1. Use colour-preserving shampoo

Usual shampoos that you buy from the local supermarket don’t have the right ingredients to take care of your bleached hair. On bleached hair, colour fades easily. There are special shampoos that can revitalize your locks and help extend the life of your hair colour. Moreover, these specialized shampoos prevent your hair to fade into a different brassy colour. 

  1. Avoid heat styling at all costs

Straighteners, curlers, and hairdryers should be avoided when sporting bleached hair. Your follicles are already too weakened and applying heat can lead to further damages. It’ll cause your hair to fall off because it isn’t strong enough to withstand this kind of styling. 

If you really need these heat-powered tools, you should at least apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling. Although it isn’t a fool-proof way to protect your hair, it can still provide a layer of protection against the harsh heat of hairstyling tools. 

  1.  Never brush your hair wet

It’s a cardinal sin to brush your hair right after taking a shower. Combing your locks while still wet can break your already fragile follicles. You’ll have to wait until your hair is dry before you brush and detangle hair. However, always make sure that you brush gently since bleached hair follicles are damaged and can break off easily. 

How flash hair removal works at Diva Hair Design

How flash hair removal works at Diva Hair Design

There are plenty of hair removal processes out there. You can visit dedicated salons for such treatments, or you can buy products that let you do the process at your own time in your own home. 

From shaving and waxing to sugaring and laser hair removal, we’ve gone a long way down the road of innovation in the dermatology industry. We’ve gone through impressive progress when it comes to making hair removal easier, painless and longer-lasting. 

Here in Diva Hair Design, we use the latest technological method that is dermatologically tested, proven to be effective in the long run and totally pain-free. Introducing flash hair removal, a method that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) in reducing hair growth until it completely stops through a series of treatments.

About flash hair removal

Waxing, shaving and sugaring provide temporary relief from hair in certain parts of your body. But eventually, they grow back after a few weeks or so, and you have to repeat the same gruelling process of removing them again. Twice every month you bend your back just to reach every nook and cranny in your body and remove stubborn hair with your trusty razor. 

If you prefer others to do the trouble of removing unwanted hair in your body, you need to spend a lot of money in waxing salons when you could’ve allotted the time and money for something else. You could do laser hair removal but it’s so expensive! And people say it’s really painful. 

What to do? You don’t want to go out and wear dresses with hair on your legs. It can be such a frustrating dilemma. Do you go with the cheap yet tiresome process or the expensive and painful treatment?

In Diva Hair Design, you won’t have to choose between two drastic methods. Our flash hair removal is cheap, painless, and a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Compared to your other options, this is definitely the best one. 

How flash hair removal works

This process uses intense pulsed light (IPL) that gives immediate results that improve with repeated use. It emits brief flashes of light that have concentrated extreme heat. Hair follicles absorb this heat, burning them in the process. The heat also affects the surrounding shaft where the hair growth cells are, scarring and effectively destroying them permanently. As a result, the hair will never grow again. 

But this treatment isn’t done in just one session. It requires a continuous process to make sure that all hair growth cells are permanently burned and closed. Since hair growth cells don’t spur growth at the same time, you’ll still see hair after your first session. This is not regrowth from burnt growth cells, but rather regrowth from growth cells that weren’t mature enough to be affected by IPL during the first session.

Comparing other hair removal processes

Diva Hair Design uses flash hair removal, not just in removing unwanted hair, but also in caring for skin roughened by self-treatment. It produces a hair removal effect with the use of stable light and ingredients contained in the gel we use. 

Compared to laser hair removal, there is no pain in our method. Unlike razors and hair removal creams, flash hair removal has little to no damage to the skin surface. You won’t need additional care for your skin to remedy negative side effects.

Let’s compare three processes and see how flash hair removal stands out!

Pain during treatment

  • Traditional hair removal: There’s a sharp and intense burning sensation.
  • Laser hair removal: Intense heat can be felt on a wide surface area on the skin and can cause irritation.
  • Flash hair removal: There’s a possibility of a slight pain for a moment but most of the time, it’s completely painless.

Damage to the skin

  • Traditional hair removal: Using razors, wax and tweezers have a high possibility of inflammation of the skin, bleeding, pigmentation, blood infection, darkening and chicken skin.
  • Laser hair removal: May cause burns or spots depending on your skin condition.
  • Flash hair removal: Almost none. The intense heat from the light is focused on targeting the dark pigment of hair follicles so it won’t burn anything else including your skin.

The average number of processing at one time

  • Traditional hair removal: One hair follicle
  • Laser hair removal: 1 to 30 hair follicles
  • Flash hair removal: 80 to 120 hair follicles

Treatment time

  • Traditional hair removal: 1 hour for both arms
  • Laser hair removal: About 30 minutes for both arms
  • Flash hair removal: 5 minutes for both arms

Treatment Fee

  • Traditional hair removal: Cheap but you’ll need to buy periodically
  • Laser hair removal: Expensive for a few sessions
  • Flash hair removal: Low price for a few sessions

The step-by-step process of flash hair removal

Flash hair removal can sound scary and intimidating for first-timers. It’s new, and for some, this might be the first time they are hearing this. Worry not! We’re here to show you how it’s done so you’ll understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of. This process is totally safe and dermatologically tested, approved and recommended.

Growing hair has thick roots and a large amount of melanin which absorbs light easily. 
There are hair matrix cells around the hair.
A flash of light is emitted and it reacts with the melanin of the hair. It causes protein denaturation in the hair and its surrounding cellular tissues. As a result, it reduces hair growth.The hair and the surrounding tissues that have reacted once with the flash of light are naturally discharged by the body as a waste product. It’s completely painless.After that, new hairs develop in undetected hair growth cells, but they become thinner or weaker than before.After several treatments, the hair matrix becomes clear and the pores shrink, resulting in smooth, hairless skin.

About your hair cycle

The hair cycle is defined by the repeated cycle from hair growth to hair loss. It’s mainly divided into different periods namely, the growth period, regression period, and rest period. The hair then repeatedly grows and loses along this cycle. Because of our hair cycle, not all care is completed in one go. Treating it requires a repeated process, thus the series of treatments you need to completely remove unwanted hair.

The length of the cycle depends on the body part where hair grows but the general cycle is as follows:

During the first growing period, the hair matrix begins to divide and hair begins to grow in the skin.Afterwards, hair growth cells become active, and the hair follicle continues to grow until it appears on the surface of the skin.This is the period where hair growth stops and just falls off.After the hair falls, there’s no more hair follicle underneath the skin. The hair growth cells prepare for the next period to begin where hair starts to grow again.

Risk of self-processing

Removing hair all by yourself is a hard task. There are crevices that are just impossible to reach with whatever tool you’re using. Aside from that, there’s also a lot of risks with the tools and products you’re using. By using cheaper methods, you’re not just putting your skin in harm’s way, but you’re also opening the door to a lot of possible negative side effects.

Check each cheap alternative and see the risks that come with using them repeatedly.

Razor treatmentUsing razors scrapes away not just the protruding hair on the surface but even the skin surface itself. It can cause skin irritation and darkening in the long run if continued.TweezersThe process of removing hair using tweezers causes the pores to expand and become conspicuous. In the long run, it causes “chicken skin” by pulling the hair forcibly.This process leaves the pores open and exposed to bacteria. Bacillus can enter the pores and cause inflammation.Cream treatmentsHair removal creams contain a component that dissolves protein to make the hair removal process possible with just a swipe. However, it does not only dissolve protein from the hair, but it also removes the protein in the skin.This can cause severe damage to delicate and sensitive skin.

Try Diva Hair Design’s Flash hair removal now!

You don’t have to sacrifice having smooth skin to become hair-free. With Diva Hair Design’s tried and tested flash hair removal method, you can achieve both without pain! It’s a depilatory method that beautifully cares for skin that has become rough due to self-treatment.

To make sure that you receive the treatment you deserve, we only use high-quality hair removal machines that are tested and recommended by experts. We work hand-in-hand with major salons and always improve our line of services and products to give you everything you need. 

Here in Diva Hair Design, we pride ourselves in providing excellent and reasonably-priced dermatological care. Call us now and reserve your appointment today!

Diva Hair Design: Know the different balayage hairstyles

Diva Hair Design: Know the different balayage hairstyles

Your hairstyle can make or break your entire look. This is one of the first things that could create a good or bad impression when people see you. It can make you appear more vibrant if you have flowy and bouncy hair, as compared to a dull one. 

Avoid any bad hair days when you visit Diva Hair Design. If you want to do something different, we highly suggest you have it coloured. There are many ways that you can design it such as the balayage hairstyle.

Balayage comes from the French word ‘balayer’ which means to sweep. This is a technique where colour is applied to your hair which results in a natural-looking highlight effect. It is less stripy as compared to the usual highlights but has the same gorgeous and vibrant tone. 

We’ve listed a variety of balayage hairstyle ideas that can inspire you to get that new look. 

Long waves with warm caramel balayage 

Get a simple yet sophisticated look by trying out these long waves with a warm caramel balayage hairstyle. With that long hair, tumbling curls and caramel toned highlights, it can emphasize your facial features with a natural yet timeless feel. 

You can add a variety of V-cut layers to your hair to add more movement in the locks and to show the warm undertones flowing throughout. 

Soft cool-toned ash brown balayage

If you want something subtly different from your usual look, you can try this soft cool-toned ash brown balayage hairstyle. What makes the balayage so great is that it works with every kind of hair colour. 

You simply have to pick the hue that complements your natural locks the most, and whichever suits the mood you are going for. The ash brown tone is more subdued and understated but it can still brighten up your look. 

Medium Hair and multi-coloured balayage

Trimming your hair to medium-length and having it coloured with many vibrant hues is a great new look that would make many heads turn. The balayage technique makes it easier to blend many different shades without one having to overpower the other. 

It can leave you in awe with the bright blends into your hair with a wavy look masterpiece that you would want to flaunt. 

Shaggy lob with partial balayage

The shaggy lob is also referred to as a shaggy hairstyle with a long bob cut. You can match this look by applying luscious honey hues to your hair which can make it appear like your natural hair colour. It is a beautiful blend of colours that is fit for a chic outfit and is easy to maintain. 

Silver grey balayage ombre hair 

If you want to do something outside of your comfort zone, you can try the silver-grey balayage ombre-inspired hairstyle. This is suitable for those who have brunette hair but want to add a little spice to your look. 

There is a high contrast between the two colours but they can blend perfectly with the help of Diva Hair Design.

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