How flash hair removal works at Diva Hair Design

There are plenty of hair removal processes out there. You can visit dedicated salons for such treatments, or you can buy products that let you do the process at your own time in your own home. 

From shaving and waxing to sugaring and laser hair removal, we’ve gone a long way down the road of innovation in the dermatology industry. We’ve gone through impressive progress when it comes to making hair removal easier, painless and longer-lasting. 

Here in Diva Hair Design, we use the latest technological method that is dermatologically tested, proven to be effective in the long run and totally pain-free. Introducing flash hair removal, a method that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) in reducing hair growth until it completely stops through a series of treatments.

About flash hair removal

Waxing, shaving and sugaring provide temporary relief from hair in certain parts of your body. But eventually, they grow back after a few weeks or so, and you have to repeat the same gruelling process of removing them again. Twice every month you bend your back just to reach every nook and cranny in your body and remove stubborn hair with your trusty razor. 

If you prefer others to do the trouble of removing unwanted hair in your body, you need to spend a lot of money in waxing salons when you could’ve allotted the time and money for something else. You could do laser hair removal but it’s so expensive! And people say it’s really painful. 

What to do? You don’t want to go out and wear dresses with hair on your legs. It can be such a frustrating dilemma. Do you go with the cheap yet tiresome process or the expensive and painful treatment?

In Diva Hair Design, you won’t have to choose between two drastic methods. Our flash hair removal is cheap, painless, and a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Compared to your other options, this is definitely the best one. 

How flash hair removal works

This process uses intense pulsed light (IPL) that gives immediate results that improve with repeated use. It emits brief flashes of light that have concentrated extreme heat. Hair follicles absorb this heat, burning them in the process. The heat also affects the surrounding shaft where the hair growth cells are, scarring and effectively destroying them permanently. As a result, the hair will never grow again. 

But this treatment isn’t done in just one session. It requires a continuous process to make sure that all hair growth cells are permanently burned and closed. Since hair growth cells don’t spur growth at the same time, you’ll still see hair after your first session. This is not regrowth from burnt growth cells, but rather regrowth from growth cells that weren’t mature enough to be affected by IPL during the first session.

Comparing other hair removal processes

Diva Hair Design uses flash hair removal, not just in removing unwanted hair, but also in caring for skin roughened by self-treatment. It produces a hair removal effect with the use of stable light and ingredients contained in the gel we use. 

Compared to laser hair removal, there is no pain in our method. Unlike razors and hair removal creams, flash hair removal has little to no damage to the skin surface. You won’t need additional care for your skin to remedy negative side effects.

Let’s compare three processes and see how flash hair removal stands out!

Pain during treatment

  • Traditional hair removal: There’s a sharp and intense burning sensation.
  • Laser hair removal: Intense heat can be felt on a wide surface area on the skin and can cause irritation.
  • Flash hair removal: There’s a possibility of a slight pain for a moment but most of the time, it’s completely painless.

Damage to the skin

  • Traditional hair removal: Using razors, wax and tweezers have a high possibility of inflammation of the skin, bleeding, pigmentation, blood infection, darkening and chicken skin.
  • Laser hair removal: May cause burns or spots depending on your skin condition.
  • Flash hair removal: Almost none. The intense heat from the light is focused on targeting the dark pigment of hair follicles so it won’t burn anything else including your skin.

The average number of processing at one time

  • Traditional hair removal: One hair follicle
  • Laser hair removal: 1 to 30 hair follicles
  • Flash hair removal: 80 to 120 hair follicles

Treatment time

  • Traditional hair removal: 1 hour for both arms
  • Laser hair removal: About 30 minutes for both arms
  • Flash hair removal: 5 minutes for both arms

Treatment Fee

  • Traditional hair removal: Cheap but you’ll need to buy periodically
  • Laser hair removal: Expensive for a few sessions
  • Flash hair removal: Low price for a few sessions

The step-by-step process of flash hair removal

Flash hair removal can sound scary and intimidating for first-timers. It’s new, and for some, this might be the first time they are hearing this. Worry not! We’re here to show you how it’s done so you’ll understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of. This process is totally safe and dermatologically tested, approved and recommended.

Growing hair has thick roots and a large amount of melanin which absorbs light easily. 
There are hair matrix cells around the hair.
A flash of light is emitted and it reacts with the melanin of the hair. It causes protein denaturation in the hair and its surrounding cellular tissues. As a result, it reduces hair growth.The hair and the surrounding tissues that have reacted once with the flash of light are naturally discharged by the body as a waste product. It’s completely painless.After that, new hairs develop in undetected hair growth cells, but they become thinner or weaker than before.After several treatments, the hair matrix becomes clear and the pores shrink, resulting in smooth, hairless skin.

About your hair cycle

The hair cycle is defined by the repeated cycle from hair growth to hair loss. It’s mainly divided into different periods namely, the growth period, regression period, and rest period. The hair then repeatedly grows and loses along this cycle. Because of our hair cycle, not all care is completed in one go. Treating it requires a repeated process, thus the series of treatments you need to completely remove unwanted hair.

The length of the cycle depends on the body part where hair grows but the general cycle is as follows:

During the first growing period, the hair matrix begins to divide and hair begins to grow in the skin.Afterwards, hair growth cells become active, and the hair follicle continues to grow until it appears on the surface of the skin.This is the period where hair growth stops and just falls off.After the hair falls, there’s no more hair follicle underneath the skin. The hair growth cells prepare for the next period to begin where hair starts to grow again.

Risk of self-processing

Removing hair all by yourself is a hard task. There are crevices that are just impossible to reach with whatever tool you’re using. Aside from that, there’s also a lot of risks with the tools and products you’re using. By using cheaper methods, you’re not just putting your skin in harm’s way, but you’re also opening the door to a lot of possible negative side effects.

Check each cheap alternative and see the risks that come with using them repeatedly.

Razor treatmentUsing razors scrapes away not just the protruding hair on the surface but even the skin surface itself. It can cause skin irritation and darkening in the long run if continued.TweezersThe process of removing hair using tweezers causes the pores to expand and become conspicuous. In the long run, it causes “chicken skin” by pulling the hair forcibly.This process leaves the pores open and exposed to bacteria. Bacillus can enter the pores and cause inflammation.Cream treatmentsHair removal creams contain a component that dissolves protein to make the hair removal process possible with just a swipe. However, it does not only dissolve protein from the hair, but it also removes the protein in the skin.This can cause severe damage to delicate and sensitive skin.

Try Diva Hair Design’s Flash hair removal now!

You don’t have to sacrifice having smooth skin to become hair-free. With Diva Hair Design’s tried and tested flash hair removal method, you can achieve both without pain! It’s a depilatory method that beautifully cares for skin that has become rough due to self-treatment.

To make sure that you receive the treatment you deserve, we only use high-quality hair removal machines that are tested and recommended by experts. We work hand-in-hand with major salons and always improve our line of services and products to give you everything you need. 

Here in Diva Hair Design, we pride ourselves in providing excellent and reasonably-priced dermatological care. Call us now and reserve your appointment today!

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