16 hair trends that will never go out of style

Diva Hair Design: 16 hair trends that will never go out of style

You may need a breath of fresh hair if you can’t seem to keep your hair out of a ponytail or bun. Lucky for you, there’s a Diva-approved list of hair designs that you can look into for inspiration. 

Call in for an appointment with your regular Diva hair stylist so she can help you choose from these 21 hair trends that will never go out of style: 

1. Alice band bleach

This is a growing popular colour trend with hair bands framing the face in bold deep sections and bold daring colour contrasts. You can use everything from beautiful clean blondes, to pretty pastels, to bold hues to suit the mood.

2. Soft balayage

This is an easily managed mid-length and layered hairstyle with soft natural colours.

3. The big chop

This hairstyle is big on the dramatic and shorter cut with fringes.

4. Toffee tones

This will work on any length with toffee and caramel tones and highlights.

5. Air-dried hair

Air-dried textures are more about embracing your natural waves and curls and hair with much more personality and character.

6. Red hot

Both soft coppers and reds were influenced by pre-Raphaelite soft tones. It’s all down to the consultation with your colourist so it matches your skin tone and looks super flattering.

7. The modern mullet

These shag haircuts are layered, giving you a slightly rock and roll look.

8. Homely headscarves

This is the kind of hair that you can wear at home with your house jumper. The style is not overly complicated with braids loosely done so little bits fall out and the look is lovely and soft.

9. Mermaid hair

This is an extra-long fantasy hair with tapes, bond extensions and mermaid hair colour.

10. Giant crimping

This hairstyle is not a throwback from the 70s, this is more like a giant crimper that gives a scrunched tight beach wave that looks like you had your hair in plaits.

11. Effortless bob

This undone bob hairstyle is an easily maintained cut that is super chic, relaxed and looks effortless.

12. Bubblegum pink

One of the most popular shades of brighter pink because it’s flattering on everyone.

13. Bold colour

This includes hair colours that have stronger looks with more definition and contrast that will easily stand out.

14. Bigger is better

This is a hairstyle that’s easy to manage on the go and complements any fashion.

15. Androgynous side parts

This hairstyle has clean side partings and is styled in place using a bristle brush and hair spray to keep the hair smooth.

16. 40s waves

This hairstyle recreates the classic 40s wave with a big front section curl but the rest of the hair just flows naturally.

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