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The Divas behind the success of Hair Diva Design

A hairstyle can be good or bad depending on the stylist that works on your luscious locks. Great hairdressers are hard to come by nowadays and finding the perfect stylist that understands your needs can be a tedious process of hits and misses. However, don’t let this deter you from finding the perfect stylist for your hair.

If you haven’t found the right hairdresser that’ll understand your needs, then look no further than Diva Hair Design! We have a roster of great stylists that can help you achieve your dream hairstyle. Our team is committed to giving you the right style that’ll suit your personality and fashion sense. 

Staff roster at Diva Hair Design

Our salon prides itself with a great team of diva designers that can turn your hair from nay to yay! Their hair styling techniques and caring processes are proven and tested over the years that they have served the salon. 

Here is a list of the team that make up Diva Hair Design:

Amanda Sachs

She is the brains behind Diva Hair Design. This salon is her pride and glory that she built from the ground up. Amanda is a hairstylist by trade with 10 years of experience up her sleeves. Before her big break in the hair industry, she served at various salons in the Maple Ridge area. Hundreds of people in this small town trust her expertise when it comes to hair care and styling. 

Nowadays, most of her job in the salon includes managerial responsibilities and logistic planning for her employees. She spends her free time offering her service to the salon when old customers visit her. Drop by at our salon and maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll be the one handling your hairstyling needs for the day. 

Liz Foilet

Strong and independent is what she is! Liz is a single mom of two wonderful children and she makes a living as a full-time stylist at Diva Hair Design. She’s very passionate about fashion and hair care that’s why she devoted almost seven years of her life improving her craft. As a kid, she took care of her siblings’ hairstyle before going to school. This ignited her dreams of becoming a hairdresser herself. 

In her early 20s, she took certificate classes on hairstyling. From then on, she landed various jobs at salons across the country. She found a home at Diva Hair Design a few years ago and has since stayed here until today. 

Tracy Larkin

Fashion is her life and she dreams of becoming an influential designer in the industry. For the meantime, while she’s working on her dreams, she found a haven at Diva Hair Design. Her day job as a stylist at our salon keeps her passion going. At times, clients ask for her so they can ask her for wardrobe advice while she works on their hair.

She’s one of the youngest and most recently employed staff in our roster. Although she has a few years of experience up her sleeves, Amanda still took the young fashion designer under her mentorship. Amanda believes that one day Tracy will reach her dreams and become a great designer and hairstylist in Canada. 

Nigel Priestly

One of the most revered hairdressers in town, Nigel has worked with Amanda since their early 20s. Wherever one of them goes, the other one follows. They’re lifelong friends and are still journeying through life together. 

Nigel was on board since day one that Amanda pitched the idea of opening her own salon. He helped her iron things out from ideas, the opening day, up until managing the salon at present time. A certified guardian angel in Amanda’s eyes, he also helps out with managing the employees aside from working as a full-time stylist. 

Cassidy Hope

The party doesn’t start until Cassidy arrives! She’s the person that brings life to the day-to-day activities in Diva Hair Design. Aside from working as a part-time stylist at the salon, she also works as an events planner in town. 

Amanda knew her for organizing the opening day of the salon a few years back. Once she learned that Cassidy is a freelance stylist, she offered her a part-time position in the salon. Cassidy works from Tuesday to Wednesday so as not to affect her event projects during the weekends. 

Jacqs Marie Spritzer

She’s born and raised in the countryside but moved to the city as soon as she graduated high school. Definitely the life of the party, her presence can command an entire room filled with people. Her personality shines through her work that’s why many clients ask for her. Because of this, she only accepts clients through appointments via the website. 

Jacqs has been working at Diva Hair Design for only two years but she’s handled the most clients compared to her colleagues. Her schedule from Thursday to Monday is always jam packed. Some clients are even willing to wait for her schedule to clear before setting an appointment just so she can work on their hair. 

Winter Von Tussle

The world is her runway, or so Winter claims. A certified fashionista, she’s always wearing stylish and gothic-inspired clothing wherever she goes. Although she often wears dark clothing, her personality shines through. She’s a ray of sunshine that brings joy to the team during her shift. 

Her love for fashion extends to her Instagram account. She often posts her outfit of the day and curates lookbooks with the help of Liz. They started a fashion department in Diva Hair Design where they are consulted by clients about wardrobe-related decisions. Clients often rent out gowns and costumes for parties and events from them. 

Christina Ravitz

Love is in the air when Christina arrives for her shift. Her loving and caring personality shines through with her work and often clients request her service because of this very reason. She’s been working at Diva Hair Design full-time for five years and has been in the beauty industry for far longer.

Before she found a home at our salon, she did freelance hair stylist jobs in various places in town. Up until today, she also provides home service for old clients. Aside from this day job, she’s finishing a degree in education. After her shift, she takes night classes to earn a diploma. She dreams of becoming a published author and professor in a prestigious university. 

The job of a hairdresser

At face value, a hairdresser’s job may look easy. To the eyes of an outsider, they may see that their jobs only require skills in shampooing, cutting, bleaching, and styling hair. What most people don’t understand is that the job is more than that. 

To become a great hairdresser, a person must have years of experience because many things can go wrong when you don’t know hair on a deeper level. Before working on a client, they have to get to know them better, their lifestyle, personality, and even fashion sense. 

It requires great people skills to talk to the clients without annoying them or prying too much into their personal lives. If you notice during trips to the salon that some of the staff are chatty, it’s because they have to assess your needs before recommending a style or course of treatment for your hair. 

The skill of assessing a client’s hair and its needs takes years to learn. Although there are courses that teach this, nothing can beat first-hand experience when it comes to hairstyling. That’s why great stylists are hard to come by. 

There are many duties and responsibilities that a hair stylist needs to perform and uphold to get the job done. Here are some that you need to know so you’ll understand the profession better: 

  • They provide various services such as:
    • Haircuts
    • Blow-drying 
    • Hairstyling for events
    • Hair weaving
    • Bleaching and dyeing
    • Selling hair care products and cosmetics
  • Develops relationships with old and new clients.
  • Develops strong professional relationships with colleagues in the field.
  • Enhances technical abilities when it comes to gadget innovations. 
  • Follows current trends in beauty and fashion.
  • Flexible when it comes to working hours. 

Salon house rules

Just like any other establishments, there are house rules clients need to follow to keep peace and order during their appointments. Please be guided accordingly with the house rules of the salon below: 

  1. Schedule an appointment a few days before the date. It’ll be helpful to the management team to arrange the activities for the day. Although we do accept walk-ins, it’s still best if you arrange an appointment. 
  2. We do not condone any violent acts inside the premises of Diva Hair Design. If you make a scene inside the salon, it’ll leave us no choice but to void your appointment and escort you out.
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