Fashion lookbook curated by Diva Hair Design

Diva Hair Salon is known for its great hair care services and amazing staff that can cater to your needs. Although, our expertise isn’t limited to just your hair because we also offer great fashion advice. Consult with our expert fashionistas, Tracy Larkin and Winter Von Tussle for wardrobe consultations and gown rentals! 

The fashion department within the salon can provide you with the following services: 

  • Gown and costume rentals for events and parties. 
  • Full makeup and hairstyling services for a complete party look. 
  • Wardrobe curation depending on your fashion sense.
  • Photoshoot services for lookbooks and go-see portfolios (for models and actors).

Get to know the team behind the project

One of the newest additions to the salon is the fashion department headed by Tracy and Winter. They pitched this idea to Amanda Sachs, the founder of Diva Hair Design, last 2018. The project was finally put into motion in mid-2019 with an opening party where they invited clients and other hair care experts in town. 

In the past year that the project has been in full operation, the salon has served dozens of clients in need of clothing rentals and photoshoots for both personal and professional reasons. It’s now the goal of the salon to expand the services beyond what Tracy and Winter have initially proposed. 

The goal for the next few years is to expand the project by social media campaigns to create a pool of clients from all over the country. Follow our social media accounts for more updates about this project. 

Diva Hair Design project samples

Winer Von Tussle, a full-time stylist at Diva Hair Design, also works as a freelance photographer. Under her leadership, she created a studio in our salon where clients can schedule photo shoots for personal and work-related purposes. 

Aspiring models and actors visited the studio to get their photos and videos taken for headshots and acting reels. Oftentimes, Tracy Larkin creates the outfit that they’ll wear during the shoot. 

Send us an email

Interested clients may send email inquiries about this service at project@divahairdesign.com. Please provide a detailed message of what you want to achieve during the shoot. We will be sending you the price of the service via the email thread within two to three working days. 

Sample works from Winter and Tracy

See the photos below of the latest samples from the project. The fashion department’s lookbook initiative is an effort not only by Winter and Tracy but also by the rest of the staff roster. 

The people behind this project: 

  • Art directors: Winter Von Tussle and Tracy Larkin 
  • Photographer: Winter Von Tussle
  • Fashion stylist: Tracy Larkin
  • Hair and makeup: Nigel Priestly
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