Diva Hair Design: How to care for bleached hair

Bleaching has become the newest trend in this day and age. Gone are the days wherein people were too conscious of sporting loud and bold colours such as pink, blue, green, and purple. It’s become a way for people to express their individual identity and creativity. Even at workplaces, it’s becoming normal to sport an exotic colour. 

Get your hair bleached at Diva Hair Design salon! There are many colours to choose from if you’re bold enough to try. Rest assured that our highly skilled and talented hairstylists can help you figure out what style and colour you’d want for your newly bleached hair. 

Bleached hair maintenance

It’s fun to have bleached hair because you can play with as many colours as you want. You can even take it up a notch by sporting a rainbow-coloured look that’s bound to make a few heads turn when you strut down the streets. 

However, taking care of bleached hair comes with great responsibility. Here are some of the tips that you need to know on maintaining this hairstyle: 

  1. Minimize washing your hair

The process of bleaching can severely damage your hair because the chemicals used leaves hair cuticle layers open and weakened. This leaves you with hair that’s dry and frizzy when not properly maintained. 

Washing your hair every day with a harsh shampoo is the fastest way for your colour to fade. You’ll also strip away the moisture and essential nutrients from your hair when regularly washing it. For you to avoid further damages to your hair, wash it every three to four days. This can help your hair breathe and recover from the damaging effects of shampooing every day. 

  1. Use colour-preserving shampoo

Usual shampoos that you buy from the local supermarket don’t have the right ingredients to take care of your bleached hair. On bleached hair, colour fades easily. There are special shampoos that can revitalize your locks and help extend the life of your hair colour. Moreover, these specialized shampoos prevent your hair to fade into a different brassy colour. 

  1. Avoid heat styling at all costs

Straighteners, curlers, and hairdryers should be avoided when sporting bleached hair. Your follicles are already too weakened and applying heat can lead to further damages. It’ll cause your hair to fall off because it isn’t strong enough to withstand this kind of styling. 

If you really need these heat-powered tools, you should at least apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling. Although it isn’t a fool-proof way to protect your hair, it can still provide a layer of protection against the harsh heat of hairstyling tools. 

  1.  Never brush your hair wet

It’s a cardinal sin to brush your hair right after taking a shower. Combing your locks while still wet can break your already fragile follicles. You’ll have to wait until your hair is dry before you brush and detangle hair. However, always make sure that you brush gently since bleached hair follicles are damaged and can break off easily. 

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