How often should you wash your hair

Diva Hair Design: How often should you wash your hair?

Hair maintenance is something that everyone should do every day. There are many ways to maintain your hair, and one of those is washing it. Obviously, it is recommended to at least apply shampoo and conditioner to achieve silky smooth locks. But do you really need to wash your hair every day? 

The experts at Diva Hair Design explain what you should do when washing your hair, and the proper methods to keep it healthy and rich in color and texture.

What are shampoos for? 

Shampoos are made to clean your hair and wash all the oil and dirt away. Applying shampoo everyday gives you consistent clean hair but at the cost of making it too dry. When your hair becomes too dry, you risk breakage that can cause you a lot of problems like split hair and hair fall.

Oil and dirt on your hair is quite natural. Letting them stay for a few days can give your hair volume and life that can make your overall look much more natural. Most shampoos will take that away, and you end up with fuzzy and dry hair instead. But shampoos don’t necessarily make your hair dry the moment you put some on. It’s only when you use shampoo every day that gives your hair the undesired dryness that most people may not like. 

How often should you shampoo your hair?

The experts at Diva Hair Design recommend shampooing at least twice a week, with 2-3 days apart for each day that you use shampoo. This is to naturally build oil on your hair before it becomes too oily and dirty. 

It is also recommended taking your time in the shower when using shampoo to relax and nurture your hair in places that are otherwise unreachable if you apply too quickly. There are many brands of shampoo out there that provide special features for specific types of hair, so choose one that is best suited for yours. 

A message from Diva Hair Design

As experienced experts in hair treatment and maintenance, Diva Hair Design is here to give you the best advice in keeping your hair in its best shape. Your hair is the most important part of your look because people recognize it immediately. Therefore, it’s a must to maintain a healthy routine that will make your hair rich in nutrients and maintain its style. 

For hair types that are too sensitive to outside threats and humid temperatures, it is recommended to use shampoo every day. The recommendations above are for hair types that aren’t susceptible to oil and dirt for a short period of time. 

Many people with thin hair might have difficulty not washing their hair for a few days, so knowing your hair type is crucial in not making mistakes that can damage your hair even further. So, now that you know the secrets of shampooing, it’s time to change your routine and have better hair. 

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